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Intro video for the iRacing Driving School

"iRacing is the most advanced and comprehensive racing simulation software in the world, its also the most realistic.

Since its launch, iRacing has become a legitimate training tool for aspiring and professional race car drivers around the world.

In creating this online racing school, we collaborated the Skip Barber racing school and consulted with professional racers, the true experts when it comes to racing.

In any sport the best way to improve is to get some coaching from a professional, racing is no different. There are many unique skills that make up a fast, safe racing driver and now by using iRacing in conjunction with the iRacing driving school, you can learn and practice those skills along with the thousands of others who have discovered the best deal in racing.

The driving school is a series of training videos we have developed, to teach our drivers specific racing techniques to help improve driving skill and ultimately to achieve faster times.

These techniques are the same basic concepts taught to many of the most sucessful professional drivers in the world.

The driving school covers the following basic concepts of racing; Hello I'm Dave Kaemmer the CEO and Chief Technology Officer for iRacing.

I'd like to welcome you to the iRacing driving school.

The driving school was developed to teach the fundamentals of competitive driving, so our members could have a better experience within our service and have a solid skill set to build upon.

Participating in the iRacing driving school is a great way to learn the fundamentals, that will transfer to real racing situations.

Learning proper driving techniques here will help you get the most enjoyment out of your iRacing membership and to maximise your potential as a driver.

Dale Earnhardt Jr, "Well there's a lot of things in racing that probably cant be taught, a driver that is willing to learn will go a long ways, with the iRacing driving school were gonna give you the tools to turn you from a weekend driver into a pro racer".

Each training module in the driving school is a separate video sequence, playable from the site.

Each video has specific instruction with demonstrations as well as suggestions for how to practice what you have learned.

We hope the techniques you learn here will help you to achieve a faster, safer and more enjoyable racing experience, watch these videos as many times as you like,take notes, practice and enjoy..."
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