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Sim Racing Replays
iRacing Replays

I have added a few of my recent raw replay files from iRacing for any sim racers interested who might want to either view them for entertainment, use them as a training tool (as you can see acceleration, braking and all driving inputs) or even ghost drive these races as something new to do.

You can also use these iRacing replays to convert to an iSpeed .irlap file. If you've been methodically looking at my replays to find the shift points, turn-in points, gear selection, cornering speed, straight-line speed and other details - you can now look at that data in the iSpeed analyzer! To download this tool or read about it click here.

All iRacing replays on this page are open setup, so if you want to ghost race them you can use any setup you like.

iRacing Road Replays
iRacing Oval Replays
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