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Data Analysis
Data Analysis
Due to the fact that iRacing allows you to study your telemetry via either McLaren's Atlas Express or via Motec so you can really see what is going on with your car, I thought it would be useful to link to some good good tutorials, books, and papers on telemetry analysis.

Car Builder Resources
Prepare to Win, Carroll Smith – more of a nuts and bolts book for mechanics and those working on getting the car onto the track. Not my cup of tea, but an important component to his ‘To Win’ series. Engineer to Win, Carroll Smith – this is what helped to push me into the field of metallurgical engineering. I was fascinated with his explanations of materials science, though they are a little on the superficial side, and now are a little dated as it is going on 26 years old. Build to Win, Keith Noakes – seems like someone was riding some coat-tails with the name of the book. A beginner’s guide to composite materials for racecars, but of little value to anyone seriously interested in the field.

Racecar Data Analysis
Data Power, Buddy Fey – a terrific resource for those interested in using telemetry data to understand car behavior and advice for how to improve from both a driving and car setup standpoint. Impossible to find though as it has been out of print for ages, and copies on eBay run $300 US. I got my copy by inter-library loan. Sadly, it’s due back soon.

Analysis Techniques for Racecar Data Acquisition, Jörge Segers – the Milliken of racecar telemetry. Covers most of the same ground as Data Power, but in a slightly more detailed way (many more equations and physics explanations).

If you are an iRacing subscriber it may be worth putting Dave Kaemmer, Ian Berwick, Eric Hudec, Grant Reeve, and other iRacing developers on your forum watch list as their contributions to the forums in terms of car behavior – particularly with regard to the simulation – are paramount.

Data System Secrets Deciphering Data
Coaching tools for high-performance driving

Making Sense of Squiggly Lines - This book covers the analysis of basic channels including speed, throttle, engine RPM, gear, G forces and steering. Author Chris Brown explains how to interpret the data traces your system provides. Clear easy-to understand color graphs and the analysis of them make this an excellent book for those working on driver development. Because this book was intended to be data system agnostic, it will not show you how to use your data system’s software, but will show you what to look for as you use the software.

A Practical Guide to Race Car Data Analysis - This book has a lot of practical advice, everything from providing an outline of data analysis tasks & priorities, to suggestions for screen layouts to make analysis quick and efficient. One of the really nice aspects of this book is that it uses data from Aim’s Race Studio 2, MoTeC I2, Pi Toolbox and Stack DataPro. All the Math channels he supplies are provided for each those software analysis packages.

Free eBook: Advanced Circuit Driving Techniques
Data Acquisition to analyze the driver and his race car
Data Acquisition for the Study of Racecar Vehicle Dynamics
The Competition Car Data Logging Manual (Speedpro) (Speedpro Series)
Making Sense of Squiggly Lines
Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics
Race Car Vehicle Dynamics
Race Car Vehicle Dynamics - Problems, Answers and Experiments
101 Things You Can Learn from Claude Rouelle's Race Car Engineering and Data Acquisition Seminar
Analysis Techniques for Racecar Data Acquisition
Circle Track The #1 Source for Advanced Racing Technology
Milliken Research
Competition Car Data Logging: A Practical Handbook

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