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FW31 converting qualifying setup to race setup

List of changes often made to a race setup, and usually in this order:

- Fuel
- Move the ballast 1-2 clicks to the back
- Ride heights
- Lengthen 7th gear, usually 2-3 clicks
- Adjust 1st gear. Both for the start, but also with more fuel you might go slower in really slow turns
- Use the diffs to make sure the car is fairly stable on entry
- Find tire pressures that work well over a long run

To adjust ride heights, I basically do this

- Add the desired amount of fuel
- Set the ride heights so that they have the desired values (while keeping everything legal), using:
- Torsion bar and Front perch offsets for the front
- Rear perch offset on the rear
- Take the fuel out of the car
- Note the front ride height
- Adjust the torsion bar and front perch offsets so the front spring deflection is as close to 0 as you can get it, while maintaining the front ride height you noted
- Add fuel back in
- You're ready to go race

You will also want to keep the spring deflection above 0 at all times.

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