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Fanatec CSL Sim Rig
Sim Racing Rigs
Small price, mega performance

Need a compact, high-performance sim rig at an incredible price?

Look no further than the CSL Cockpit! This is an all-new sim racing chassis designed for Fanatec hardware, starting at just 399.95 €/$, available now in all regions!

Angled uprights help to distribute the load on the chassis more effectively than a rectangular profile construction. The CSL Cockpit can handle all Fanatec Direct Drive systems, even the 25 Nm Podium Wheel Base DD2, and the pedal plate is designed for the high forces applied on load cell brakes. This sim rig is rock solid.

With a remarkably compact footprint, the CSL Cockpit punches well above its weight. Every part of the aluminium and steel construction is optimised for stiffness and strength.

The classic GT driving position of the CSL Cockpit is ideal for most forms of motorsport, such as GT, Oval, Drift, and Rally. By inverting the Wheel Base brackets, a karting position is also possible.

Consistency is everything.

Step into a rig that feels the same every time you drive, so you can focus on your lap times.

The frame is made of aluminium tubing and steel brackets, with easy-to-follow instructions to assemble with the included tools which fit in remarkably small boxes, which helps to keep the shipping costs down too.

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