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Sport Pedals
Maybe instead of installing sport pedals in your 1.2 litre Corsa or whatever under powered car you own, you should think about racing high powered virtual cars in the online world of sim racing. You see hundreds of underpowered cars that their owners have pimped, ruined or given a facelift and yet they still retain the original underpowered engine. These boy racers really should save their modification money and learn how to drive high powered simulated race cars at the edge of traction, instead of understeering their front wheel driven squeeling tyres through every corner and learn to dance a sim racing car around a track.

I previously mentioned these boy racers, but don't forget there are other older drivers that really should think about sim racing rather than spending the money that they do on their own cars. This ricer below really did a number with his chromework, but I honestly believe maybe he should have considered entering the virtual race track and a bit of sim racing, maybe that way his pride would have stayed more intact!

Buying a sim racing steering wheel and say a set of club sport pedals would not set motor sports enthusiasts back too much money. Obviously these two items would cost more to buy than a set of clamp-on sports pedals, but compared to a set of aluminium sports pedals for your car a sim racing steering wheel and racing pedal set seems like good value. The quality of your sim racing sport pedals won't necessarily make you as a virtual racing driver quicker necessarily, although certain pedal features will give you an advantage. Pedals connected via USB will have more points of travel compared to other connections. Via USB the club sport pedals have High 10-bit resolution (1024 values) compared to racing pedals that are connected directly to a sim racing steering wheel. A load cell will also give you an advantage as a driver as with a load cell, muscle memory is used versus positional memory as the load cell is engaged.

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