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iRacing using nVidia Surround
nVidia Surround- nvSurround is a hardware based solution. Only supported on Windows 7 and newer. Only supports grouping up to 3 monitors. You can use a mix of 16:9 and 16:10 Aspect Ratio Monitors. You cannot mix 4:3 with 16:9 or 16:10. Supports 120Hz monitors without special hardware beyond DVI-Dual Link Cables. Requires two nVidia cards to be run in SLI mode* - 5xx, 4xx and 2xx series cards.

So you need to have:
  • An nVidia card (or SLI configuration) using a supported chipset
  • Windows 7
  • Monitors that are all connected using the same type - VGA or DVI
nVidia Surround requirements and monitor configuraton

What is required to run nvSurround?
You must be running Windows 7

nvSurround requires a multiple card / SLI configuration with one noted exception. Any pairing of cards from the 2xx, 4xx, 5xx series can run nvSurround.

Do they have to be the same cards?
nvSurround can be run on mixed card SLI configurations. But the cards must have the same family of GPU (i.e. a 460 can only run with another 460 - card maker does not matter). Single Cards that can run three monitors:

A single EVGA 460 2WIN - Note: this specific card cannot be run in SLI mode with other cards.

A single nVidia GTX 295 card can run nvSurround.

For GTX 295 cards, check that the card has 2 DVI and one HDMI output.

If the GTX 295 card only has two DVI outputs, such as the EVGA GTX 295 CO-OP edition, you will need a second GTX 295 card.

A single ZOTAC GeForceĀ® GTX 460 3DP - Note: This card does not use the standard GeForce display controller. It does have 1-DVI link, and 3 Display Port. To the best of my knowledge - Active DP adapters are not required.

A single EVGA 560 2WIN card.

A single GTX 590 card - Check with the manufacturer for display output configuration. Most reference boards come with three DVI and a miniDP out. The cards are still only capable of combining 3 monitors in to a grouping. nVidia caps nvSurround to three monitors. It appears though as if you can run 3 + 1 from the card.

The GTX590, GTX 295 and GTX 460 and 560 2WIN cards have multiple GPUs on a single card and are treated as an SLI configuration.

All monitors must be using VGA or a digital input - DVI or HDMI.

If you have monitors that only support VGA, make sure your cards have DVI outputs to handle the VGA monitors. HDMI to VGA requires very expensive cables that have reliability issues - basically, you can't use them.

What are the monitor requirements for nvSurround?
All monitors have to be set to a common refresh rate. Example; If you are running a 120Hz monitor with two 60Hz. The 120Hz must be set to 60Hz. All three monitors are required to have a common sync polarity. Check specifications of your monitor(s). Sync polarity are the HSYNC x VSYNC values. nvSurround 3D mode can only be run on three identical monitors that support 120Hz refresh rates. Yes, identical monitors. Make and model...

Can nvSurround be run on different size monitors?
nvSurround 2D mode can be run on monitors of varying sizes. 3D mode cannot. All monitors have to be set to a common resolution. Example; a 20"-24"-20" configuration, all 3 monitors need to be set to the lowest common resolution - generally the 20"s maximum. You can use a mix of 16:9 and 16:10 Aspect Ratio Monitors. You cannot mix 4:3 with 16:9 or 16:10. Mixed monitor setups do not allow 3D Surround.

Do I need any speical cables or adapters?
Unless the card comes with multiple DP and 1 (or less) DVI, nvSurround can be run natively on monitors supporting only DVI, VGA or HDMI input with no special cables or adapters required. nvSurround requires all three monitors be connected either digital (DP [can be via adapters to other digital], DVI, HDMI, etc.) or analog (VGA). You cannot mix and match.

How many monitors can I run with nvSurround? How big can they be?
nvSurround supports a maximum of three 30" monitors and a spanned landscape resolution of 7680x1600 or 4800x2560 in portrait mode. nvSurround does not support Portrait Landscape Portrait configurations (PLP).

How do I create an nvSurround grouping?
nvSurround setup guide - How to create a monitor grouping and adjust for bezels.

Does nvSurround support 120Hz?
Yes. But keep in mind the following; Single Link DVI adapters and cables will only support resolutions up to 1920x1200 and a maximum refresh rates at or below 60Hz at that resolution. The HDMI output on older cards does not support 120Hz - meaning, GTX295 cards with three outputs will not run 120Hz monitors.

If you are running monitors that support resolutions larger than 1920x1200 (such as most 30" computer monitors) and / or refresh rates above 60Hz (example, the new 120Hz monitors) you must use Dual Link DVI cables.

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