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iRacing 2.0
If you are not already a member, or you know someone who would like to try iRacing then below you will find iRacing promo codes just follow the instructions below:

Buy 1 Get 2 Free Your Price: $9 A discounted 3 month Membership for new customers

USE CODE : PR-2FREE on sign up

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iRacing has already announced the release of iRacing 2.0 which is a massively multiplayer online racing simulation with over 30,000 members worldwide. The World’s leading online racing game/simulation now gets even better with a new tyre model which has the potential to be unrivaled. The next revolution in sim racing has begun and you can get involved now and get 2 months of iRacing for free using the promo code above. Get 3 months of iRacing for $9. Your iRacing membership includes:
  • Rookie road license
  • Oval racing license
  • Race sim racers from around the world
  • Officially sanctioned series
  • 13 cars and 14 tracks for free
  • Unlimited head-to-head racing + open practice twenty four hours a day, seven days a week at the world’s premier online sim racing service is a global community of online sim racers who share a common passion – racing. When you become a member of iRacing you get:
  • Unlimited racing in officially sanctioned races
  • Open practice sessions with other sim racers 24/7
  • Testing and time trialing available 24/7
  • 100% access to the iRacing simulation and member site, member forums and voice/text chat rooms
No matter the length of subscription you get the full iRacing experience.

Ever been paid to race?
iRacing members are rewarded for participating in official races. Once you meet the requirements iRacing will deposit credits in your account at the end of the season. You can earn up to $40 of iRacing credits per year just for sim racing. You can also earn an additional $5 of anniversary credits for each year your are a member and then you can use these iRacing credits to purchase tracks or cars or even renew your subscription!

As you progress your sim racing license will increase from Rookie to D, C, B, A and all the way up to a Pro License if you are interested in racing the best sim racers in the world. As your license progresses, you can start to race additional cars in higher level series. Car setup options increase as you progress through the licenses and the competition heats up too.

iRacing has 50+ racing cars to choose from and they are adding new cars all the time. iRacing also has over 70 of the world’s finest tracks that are laser scanned and include over 110 variations from across the globe available to subscribers. More tracks are being added all the time too and if you are looking to race at a particular track check out the full listing of iRacing tracks. All iRacing subscriptions include nine tracks. These are the only tracks you need in order to compete in a full rookie season.

You buy an iRacing subscription for any length of time that you want (1 month, 3 months, 1 year or 2 years). All subscriptions include 13 cars and 14 tracks, a full premium service and racing all you want 24/7. If you want to buy additional cars they cost a one-time fee of $11.95. If you want to buy additional tracks they cost a one-time fee of either $11.95 or $14.95 depending upon on the track. If you buy 3 pieces of content (cars or tracks) at once you also receive a discount of 10%. If you buy 6 pieces of content at once you receive a discount of 20%. If you own all the cars and tracks, every new car or track you buy gets discounted at 25%. iRacing also routinely run pricing specials for content and membership renewals. Lastly, for private race sessions which are sessions that you decide to host on your own with your own private or open password iRacing charge 50 cents per hour just for the host. For example if you decide to do a 4 hour session it would cost you as the host $2 dollars but for everyone in the session it would be free. iRacing also have a bulk purchase discount for the hosted sessions.

You don’t have to buy all the cars and tracks at once and in fact many people never buy or very slowly buy additional cars and tracks. Other people buy them all right away but most fall in-between. It may seem an expensive hobby, but compared to a couple of hours of go-karting at Daytona in Milton Keynes for example it works out to be very cheap. Don't just take my word for it, a sim racing nobody, look at the comments from highly skilled drivers below and even an F1 simulator engineer.

" is the best racing simulator hands down. Not only for the accuracy of the laser scanned tracks and cars, but also anyone can sign up and be racing against professional drivers from across the world who like me, use iRacing as a tool to improve driving skills. I spend as much time as possible on iRacing. Not only does it have a lot of use for race preparation and practice, it's a lot of fun! Recently, I've started working on iRacing's V8 Supercar with their new tire model and data acquisition program to actually overlay data from the iRacing V8 compared to my real V8 at Phillip Island. Unbelievable. The new tire model has such huge potential and is already a massive step forward for iRacing."
Shane van Gisbergen
V8 Supercar Driver

"iRacing is the most modern racing simulation ever created. Every inch of every track is modeled perfectly. I've used iRacing to learn new courses such as Virginia International Raceway, or to keep the rust off at tracks such as Infineon Raceway. For the hardcore sim racer, this is your dream simulation. For the actual real-world racer, this is your 'at-home' test vehicle. Acclimate yourself with a new course or learn something new on an old favorite. Even a rookie in the sim racing world can get up to speed fast within the iRacing system"
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver
2-Time NASCAR Nationwide Series Champion (1998, 1999)

"The iRacing simulator is about as real world as you can get when it comes to virtual racing. It's a great tool to refresh your memory before going into a race weekend or to learn the new layout of a track. The graphics and the handling are by far the best I have seen out of any simulation program. And when I'm not home, I can bet my son, Sebastian, is on it racing someone from somewhere around the world."
Juan Pablo Montoya
NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver

"Having been involved in the development of the Williams F1 simulator from its early days I know how important it is in a simulator to drive around accurately recreated laser scanned tracks, not only from a driver learning and familiarization perspective, but also as an engineering tool.After helping iRacing develop their Williams-Toyota FW31 car model I know how much detail that went into recreating the virtual car, from set up options, car handling feel to a detailed dash display. With proper support for a three screen set-up, using ATLAS Express to analyse data from laps, accurate track and car models this all makes iRacing the only sim that I can play at home that comes close to the level of detail we have in the Williams F1 simulator."
Dave Kirkman
Simulator Engineer
Williams F1

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